Targus 58" Camera and Camcorder Tripod 58-Inch

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Take brilliant professional photographs with the Targus 58" Camera and Camcorder Tripod, TGT-BK58T. This device is ideal to have around for stabilizing a shot. Taking pictures is made easy with the Targus 58" Tripod.  

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    Quite adequate to purpose - with a weak spot!

    Posted by Don Wherry on Jan 11, 2018

    Had wanted a camera tripod for years, not enough to pay plump retail prices. Youngest son's Photography class made problem acute. Saw this on Discount Electronics, ordered 2 @ the price. Cost more to ship (TX to IA) than to purchase (fairly bulky & heavy, even collapsed).

    1st pair arrived via USPS, poorly packaged for shipping & both broken (same damage to same element). Emailed DE, sent requested photos of damaged items - replacements promptly shipped (no additional charge), much better packaging, via UPS. Both arrived w/o damage, in pristine condition. I'm fully satisfied - decent product @ v good price.

    Product was shipped (w/ ...um, over-simplified?.. user-documentation) in a plastic bag, inside a zip-up nylon carry-bag, inside the original mfg. cardboard box. (Adequate perhaps for retail carry-out; additional protection needed for parcel shipping!)

    Tripod legs are metal, sturdy enough for light/medium or occasional duty. Camera (owner-provided) mounts easily and securely on standard-sized screw, set into heavy block, itself mounting securely via quick-release latch to tripod stage.

    The stage is the weak spot: It mounts to the tripod via a really flimsy plastic casting. This piece of cheapery apparently isn't strong enough to survive the strain of having the packaged product dropped upside down - it shatters. If well-treated, it will probably last indefinitely, but - if this thing is going to break - this will most likely be the place...

    Targus has out-sourced support for this product to "Merkury Innovations" (support@merkuryinnovations.com), which isn't even apologetic about not providing replacement parts... If it breaks, it's apparently a throw-away. (No bad deal @ the price, just don't hold too high an expectation...)

    In summary, this is a consumer-grade product. It's quite adequate to purpose, if treated gently. It appears to be an orphan, in terms of repair or support. Still a heckuva' deal for the price. (My humble opinion...)