Dell Laptop Keyboard Backlit HT514


This is a Genuine OEM Dell Keyboard HT514 for select Dell laptops. This Keyboard can be installed in minutes with nothing more than a screw driver. It is guaranteed to fit your Dell laptop perfectly. This keyboard has been thoroughly tested and cleaned and is in great working condition.

Keyboard is a standard input device which is used to feed data into the computer and to control its operation.

Compatible Dell Models: Latitude E6400, E6410, E6500, E6510 and Precision M2400, M4400, M4500
Dell Part# : HT514

Condition: This Dell Laptop keyboard is Grade A and is a refurbished Dell OEM keyboard in good working and physical condition.

 The keyboard is one of the most commonly used parts on a laptop computer. This makes them prone spills and other kinds of damage. Here are some tips for keeping your keyboard (and the rest of your computer) in good shape:
1. Use your computer in a clean environment. Elements like dust and pet hair can get inside various parts of your notebook, keyboard included which can result in keys sticking or otherwise malfunctioning.
2. Avoid exposing your notebook to smoke from things like cigarettes, incense or candles. The residue from the smoke can cause keys on your keyboard to stop working, and can also affect the performance of computer parts.
3. Spills happen. Keep drinks and other liquids far enough away from your computer that if it spills, your laptop will be safe.
4. Do not press on the keys harder than is necessary, or hold the keys down for extended periods. This can wear out the contacts in the keyboard.