Dell Optiplex 760 Motherboard USFF G919G

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This is a genuine Dell USFF Motherboard. We have done more than test this motherboard. Here at Discount Electronics, we go one step further and replace any components that have the potential to fail in the near future.
Sometimes motherboards have 'known bad components' such as capacitors that may bulge or leak. The presence of these may not cause failure today but will in the future. That is where the experience of our techs comes into play. They know what components to be on the lookout for, and they replace them.

Dell Optiplex 760 Motherboard G919G. Dell Part# G919G 0G919G F235H 0F235H

Manufacturer: Intel ( OEM for Dell Optiplex 760 )
Dell Compatible Part #: G919G 0G919G F235H 0F235H
Socket: LGA775
Other Features: Hyper-Threading Technology Support
Connectors: (5) Back (2) Front USB Ports, Network LAN, Parallel Port, Serial Port, DVI
Video: Onboard
Audio: Onboard
Memory: 2 DIMM DDR2