Dell PA-9E AC Adapter Charger 240 Watt


This is a genuine Dell AC Adapter. We only sell genuine Dell AC adapters for a good reason. Dell laptops are very particular. Aftermarket AC adapters often damage the charging circuits on Dell laptops. We learned this the hard way. We strongly recommend you only use a genuine Dell charger with your Dell . You might pay a couple dollars more now but you will save yourself hundreds later.

It is often referred to as an AC adapter, power supply, battery charger and even a wall plug or power brick. Whatever you call it, this Dell AC Adapter will charge and power your . If you are looking to replace an old worn out AC adapter or you recently lost one or you just need to buy an additional Dell AC Adapter, you have come to the right place. This Dell PA-9E OEM ac power adapter / charger is an excellent choice that is 100% guaranteed to work with your . They are in new to like new condition. The Dell AC Adapter PA-9E was made by Dell for your laptop.

This Dell AC Adapter / Charger ships with the needed power cord and is ready for use right out of the box.

There are three very simple reasons why we sell more AC Adapters than anyone on or off the web.
1) We test every single AC Adapter we sell.
2) We ship fast. Order by 2:30 and it leaves our warehouse the same day.
3) We stand behind what we sell.

We have been in the Dell parts business since 1997 and have a BBB rating of A+. We will ship you the correct part quickly. And we are here to help you by phone or email when needed.

This Dell   AC Adapter / Charger  is in excellent working and physical condition. We ship it with the required power cord, so that it's ready to use right out of the box. It plugs into any standard electrical power outlet and enables you to charge your laptop battery while using the computer, or you can use your laptop without the battery being installed.

This PA-9E A/C Adapter has been tested for proper functionality. It is like new condition. 

This ac adapter has a 90 day warranty.