Top 5 Used Dell Computers

Saving money is always smart, but this year there are better values on the used PC front than ever before. Dell Business Class Desktop Computers are the best there are. Buying a powerhouse of a PC at 70% Off never felt better.

Dell Optiplex 990 Desktop Computers are one of the best values on the secondary market. They are recent enough to have Core i3, i5, and i7 processors but old enough to be as cheap as $115. And that $115 model was over $1,000 new. I wish I could get that kind of savings on a used car.

The Dell Optiplex 7010 comes in all form factors from Ultra Small to Tower and is available with a quad-core processor. Discount Electronics offers more than a dozen models, and every one of them can be custom configured. The Optiplex 7010 is the most expensive and most powerful used PC sold in 2020.

It wouldn't be a 'best of list' without the Dell Precision Workstations. With prices ranging from $145 to $1395 you are bound to find power within your budget. Every Dell Precision sold by Discount Electronics has a 1-Year Warranty included at no additional cost.

Discount Electronics sells more Dell Optiplex 9020 Desktop Computers to small business owners than any other model. That's because these folks know the 9020 is as durable as it is powerful. You can build any of these Optiplex 9020 PCs any way you want, and we will still ship it today.

Last but certainly not least is the Dell Optiplex 780. We have sold more of this tried and true beast than the next two models combined. They aren't the most powerful used computers on our site, but they are the cheapest. You can buy one of these super versatile PCs for under $100, and that includes the one-year warranty.

Save yourself or your company a whole bunch of green by going green and buying Used Dell Computers from Discount Electronics