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Schools, companies and even individuals bring us laptops every day. We only refurbish and sell Dell E Series laptops. All the rest have been getting sold off as scrap. I looked at these yesterday as we were about to ship them off and thought 'This is ridiculous!' Why don't we let our customers have a crack at these. So here you are. 2 laptops for $55. While they last.

What you won't get are Dell E-Series. That is because we refurbish, sell and warranty those units. What you will get is all the stuff we don't sell. Don't expect a perfectly working i5 laptop. There is a reason these were sent to the scrap pile. I see everything from Apple, HP, Acer, Dell, Lenovo, Chromebook, even Windows tablets, many have missing keys, cracked screens, or any other number of issues. There is real value here. Many of these could be parted out and sold on eBay for a profit. Some may work fine and just need a hard drive and OS.

I don't see many ac adapters if we have one with the laptop you will get it, if we don't you won't. Some of these have to have the hard drives destroyed. If we do that we will include the hard drive caddy if at all possible. These are all sold as is. The shippers will pick them off the pallets in the order sold. Please don't make any special requests we will try to send something somewhat modern but we can not guarantee the age of the laptop you will receive. You cannot come to the warehouse and pick through them. That would not be fair to everyone else.

Good luck and have fun!

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    Scrap Laptops

    Posted by Neil Geheb on May 09, 2019

    I bought 4 scrap laptops and was pleasantly surprised. One needs a battery, and one needs a keyboard, the other two are almost perfect as is. So, for a little over 100$ more I will have 4 working laptops. They all work great with Linux so I couldn't be happier. I bought 4 hoping to get one that would work. 4 out of 4 is great!

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    my initial thoughts of purchasing scrapbooks

    Posted by Warren Pittman on Mar 28, 2019

    i have purchased a total of six notebooks. One unit was literally scrap, i didn't try to power it on it was so bad so i parted it out. It had a clean touch screen, ram, and keyboard and some other parts i could sell or use for more than the cost of the unit.
    I have two clean units that require a minimum of parts and efforts to get up and running. I also received three units that are functional but need a little more work.
    none of the six units had hard drives. I can understand the security aspect of this sort of but there are tools and programs that allow hard drives to be securely erased and prepared for further use. All of the batteries were dead, and one of the newer units didn't even have a battery. I build computers and repair computers so knowing what i was buying i gave this 5 stars. At the end of the day i should have 5 out of six working computers. The jury is still out for me. I will more than likely order again in the near future and will review again once i have made a final determination of the value of this product to me as a computer builder and repairman. right now i have had to purchase batteries, for 5 units, and 4 notebook hard drives, and a dell keyboard and may have to purchase memory also. my goal is to have units as clean and functional as possible. its difficult to sell products that are not in stock and notebooks are still in high demand and even the end users are still looking for a deal. After a further cost analysis i will know if its a deal for me at the end of the day. As a side note i have been repairing an building computers for churches, individuals since 2007.

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    Junkyard laptop

    Posted by B West on Mar 04, 2019

    You get what you pay for. I expected to be surprised but I wasn’t. One labtop maybe useable when I find a power cord

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    Scrap Laptops, lots of fun.

    Posted by Bill on Feb 28, 2019

    Bought 2 Scrap laptops, received one Dell Latitude and one HP Probook, I enjoy getting old laptops back up and running and these two are a lot of fun.
    The Dell was dead, I rescued it by literally baking the mother board in the kitchen oven (google it). It is now running like a top.
    The HP Probook didnt have the memory cards in it so I bought a 4gb card and a power adapter, it is now running perfectly. The Dell is going out in my shop and my wife has already placed dibs on the HP Probook.
    If your good at working on computers these can be a steal. In my case, I put a lot of time into these and now have two great, good running laptops. It was worth the gamble to buy these scrap laptops.

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    scrap laptops

    Posted by cecil lindsey on Feb 28, 2019

    they are great but they were 2 for 35 now 2 for 55 whats up with that ? iwas gonna order 2 more but cannot afford 55. I messed up the keyboard hookup on the acer mainboard but both work very good . Thank you very much looking forward to getting 2 more for 35.

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    2 laptops

    Posted by douglas r hawkins on Feb 28, 2019

    I added hard drives and memory, and they both work. I am happy.

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    Posted by Gary W. on Nov 08, 2018

    I ordered 2 sets for the class I teach in college. I was amazed that three of the four were viable. One even had the original memory and hard drive. Runs perfect on Linux.

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    i lucked out

    Posted by louis on Oct 16, 2018

    hdd in both both booted one had cracked lcd the other was a i5 laptop gave it to my bro fully functional he loves it. it was fun to get it going, tho this is not for everyone don`t expect to hit gold everytime it was the luck of the draw.

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    Posted by Terry S Schallert on Sep 18, 2018

    What a neat purchase. Thr units I got were both opearable once a HDD was added and in one case a battery. Otherwise chargers (which I have a slew of) and one LCD bezel and in business. Total after using a few parts on hand for a Thinkpad i5 and an HP Elitebook i7 was about $70 inclucing shipping. Wrrth lots more just in the fun of it. Will definite try this again!

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