Dell XCMRD Battery 40Wh New Replacement


This is a certified brand new replacement battery for select Dell laptops. This battery replaces the XCMRD that shipped with your Dell notebook. If your Dell is experiencing shorter battery life this quality Dell battery is an affordable way to bring new life and longer lasting charges to your Dell laptop.


  • New battery for Dell Inspiron 14 14R 15 15R laptops
  • Condition: brand new
  • Votage:11.1 V
  • Capacity:58WH, Rechargeable

Compatible part number: G019Y/ 0MF69/ 6HY59/ 4DMNG/ 8RT13/ 8TT5W/ 68DTP/ 6XH00/ 9K1VP/ VR7HM/V1YJ7/ W6XNM/ 312-1390/ 6K73M/ YGMTN/ MK1R0/ 312-1392/ 49VTP/ MR90Y

Compatible /fit models: Dell Inspiron 14 (3421), Inspiron 14R (5421), Inspiron 15 (3521), Inspiron 15R (5521), Inspiron 17 (3721), Inspiron 17R (5721), Vostro 2421 / 2521.

Depending on availability the extended version MR90Y may be sent as a free upgrade they both have the same physical dimensions.

This battery has a 90 day warranty.