Dell AMD Radeon R5 430 2GB GDDR5 Video Card Half Height 9VHW0

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The Dell AMD Radeon R5 430 2GB GDDR5 (model 9VHW0) is an entry-level graphics card primarily intended for basic computing tasks. Here are its key specifications:

  1. GPU Architecture: Built on AMD's older Graphics Core Next (GCN) architecture, known for its efficiency in handling basic graphical tasks.

  2. Memory: Equipped with 2GB of GDDR5 memory, which offers better performance compared to DDR3 memory, especially in graphics-related tasks.

  3. Memory Interface: Features a 64-bit memory interface, limiting its bandwidth and thus affecting its performance in memory-intensive applications.

  4. Core Clock Speed: The core clock speed is modest, in line with its entry-level positioning. The exact speed varies depending on the specific model variant.

  5. Stream Processors: Contains a limited number of stream processors (AMD's equivalent of CUDA cores), suitable for basic parallel processing tasks.

  6. Output Ports: Typically includes HDMI and DisplayPort, allowing for connectivity with modern displays and multi-monitor setups.

  7. Power Consumption: Low power consumption, typically does not require an external power connector and is powered directly through the PCIe slot.

  8. DirectX Support: Supports DirectX 12, enabling compatibility with a range of multimedia applications and games, though its performance capabilities are limited.

  9. Physical Dimensions: Often comes in a compact form factor, suitable for small form factor cases and general-purpose desktop PCs.

The Dell AMD Radeon R5 430 is designed for general computing, light photo editing, video playback, and running older or less demanding games. It's not suitable for modern gaming or high-performance graphics applications. Its strength lies in providing basic graphics capabilities for everyday use, especially in scenarios where integrated graphics may be insufficient.



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