Dell MR90Y Battery 58Wh New Replacement


This is a certified brand new replacement battery for select Dell laptops. This battery replaces the MR90Y that shipped with your Dell notebook. This long-lasting lithium-ion smart battery will indicate charge remaining as well as overall battery health. If your Dell is experiencing shorter battery life this quality battery is an affordable way to bring new life and longer lasting charges to your Dell laptop.

1.You can get long hours of battery life without having to frequently plug into recharge with the Notebook Battery
2.No memory effect. Chargeable even if it has not been used up yet
3.Using advanced cell technology and quality parts, the Notebook Laptop Battery guarantees the stamina you need for long work sessions and travel
4.Manufactured to the highest quality available, Notebook Laptop Battery with true enhanced performance
5.Notebook Laptop Battery is powered by high quality cells
6.The Replacement Laptop Battery recharges while it is installed and the computer is connected to AC power


1.Battery Type: Brand new,Replacement Battery
2.Cell Type: Li-ion
3.Battery Number: 6Cell
4.Voltage: 11.1V
5.Capacity: 5200mAh
6.Color: Black

Models: Inspiron:15, 3542, 17R, 5737, 15R, 5521, Vostro, 2521, M531R, 5535, 5721, 14R, 5421, 17, 5748, 5537, 3537, 14, 3437, 3443, 3737, 5749, 3442, Latitude,3540,3541,2421,3543,3521, 3440, 3531, M731R, 5735, 5437, 3421, 3721, Precision M2800,

Part Numbers:  0MF69, 24DRM, 312-1387, 312-1392, 312-1433, 49VTP, 4WY7C, 68DTP, 6HY59, 6KP1N, 6XH00, RT13, 9K1VP, J9W6, FW1MN, G35K4, K1R0, MR90Y, VJ7J, T1G4M, V1YJ7, R7HM, W6XNM, 29KD, RDW2 YGMTN, V8VNT.
This battery has a 90 day warranty