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Scrap Laptops 10 for $100

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Schools, companies, and even individuals bring us laptops every day. We only refurbish the best. All the rest have been getting sold off as scrap. I looked at these yesterday as we were about to ship them off and thought, 'This is ridiculous!' Why don't we let our customers have a crack at these. So here you are. 10 laptops for $100. While they last.

What you will get is all the stuff we don't sell. Don't expect a perfectly working i5 laptop. There is a reason these were sent to the scrap pile. I see everything from Apple, HP, Acer, Dell, Lenovo, Chromebook, even Windows tablets, many have missing keys, cracked screens, or any other number of issues. There is real value here. Many of these could be parted out and sold on eBay for a profit. Some may work fine and need a hard drive and OS.

I don't see many AC adapters. If we have one with the laptop, you will get it; if we don't, you won't. Some of these have to have the hard drives destroyed. If we do that, we will include the hard drive caddy if at all possible. These are all sold as is. The shippers will pick them off the pallets in the order sold. Please don't make any special requests. We will try to send something somewhat modern but we can not guarantee the age of the laptop you will receive. You cannot come to the warehouse and pick through them, as that would not be fair to everyone else.

Good luck, and have fun!


Sold as is, no warranty. Please keep in mind you will be sent four random, non functional laptops. These laptops are picked from a stockpile that is constantly changing, and we cannot guarantee the condition, quality, or age of any computer.