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Schools, companies and even individuals bring us laptops every day. We only refurbish and sell Dell E Series laptops. All the rest have been getting sold off as scrap. I looked at these yesterday as we were about to ship them off and thought 'This is ridiculous!' Why don't we let our customers have a crack at these. So here you are. 2 laptops for $35. While they last.

What you won't get are Dell E-Series. That is because we refurbish, sell and warranty those units. What you will get is all the stuff we don't sell. Don't expect a perfectly working i5 laptop. There is a reason these were sent to the scrap pile. I see everything from Apple, HP, Acer, Dell, Lenovo, Chromebook, even Windows tablets, many have missing keys, cracked screens, or any other number of issues. There is real value here. Many of these could be parted out and sold on eBay for a profit. Some may work fine and just need a hard drive and OS.

I don't see many ac adapters if we have one with the laptop you will get it, if we don't you won't. Some of these have to have the hard drives destroyed. If we do that we will include the hard drive caddy if at all possible. These are all sold as is. The shippers will pick them off the pallets in the order sold. Please don't make any special requests we will try to send something somewhat modern but we can not guarantee the age of the laptop you will receive. You cannot come to the warehouse and pick through them. That would not be fair to everyone else.

Good luck and have fun!


23 Reviews

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    Worth a gamble

    Posted by Shawn cardwell on Dec 06, 2019

    Got one scrap laptop that may can be used for parts and another $1200 laptop all it needed was a hard drive and a charger that only cost $50 so I’d say the gamble was worth it this time

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    Scrap Laptops

    Posted by William Small on Nov 28, 2019

    4 of 4 required HD, Power supplies, batteries, memory upgrades, optical drives replacement to make operational. The 1 of the 4 scrap laptop required component level troubleshooting and repair (not worth much after repairing). All required cleaning. They all had parts that are worth salvaging. All required cleaning. I'd say 2 for $35 is worth it.

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    working chromebooks nice

    Posted by Mr. Phillips on Oct 09, 2019

    Nothing to it. Already had two chromebooks at home just used my existing power adapter and plugged it in and bam screens lit up and they worked. need to run them a bit to check batteries and stuff they seem just fine for the 1 minute I ran them. very happy this time around. the're even linux and ubuntu compatible

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    Not buying these until their 2 for 35 again.

    Posted by It's chris on Sep 27, 2019

    I wish I could get these 2 for 35 again I guess I'll just keep calling the secret places. until i get some for blank or cheap. besides first batch I bought from here was actually crap they just kept blocking my review.

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    Good deal!

    Posted by Frank D on Aug 20, 2019

    I got a Dell Latitude D600, and a Sony Vaio PCG-7113L. They both were missing hard drives. Otherwise they both powered on to the bios with no issues. Will be buying this again! Thanks

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    2 scrap laptops for $55

    Posted by Nolan V. on Aug 10, 2019

    I am very pleased - both laptops are now functional. $25.50 in parts and a 80 gb drive out of a drawer got a Dell e6400 going great on Mint Linux 19.1. The old list price of the e6400 shows in it's quality. Love the speakers! Laptop 2 is a Dell e6510 that lacks a screen and has a touch pad issue, but with $16 worth of ram, a usb mouse, and connected to a 32" TV it also came to life (the 80 gb drive with mint previously loaded adjusted itself to the hardware). I have abandoned Win 10 as awkward bloatware that is a marketing tool instead of a viable OS. I am using a dual boot of soon unsupported Win 7 (for Outlook) and Linux now. Older computers work very well for this, and do not get on my last nerve.

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    Bought 4

    Posted by David Proske on Aug 05, 2019

    Bought two groups. The first group had a scrap laptop. A old beat up windows 2000 machine with a busted hing and a working Lenovo ThinkPad X140e that was missing a hard drive.the delivery was the two day delivery and the deliver guy just threw it over the fence onto my concrete driveway. I was lucky it didn't smash them both to smithereens. So I tried regular shipping on the second set. I got them in 3 days and the delivery person threw (I mean that literally) onto the front porch. The second group had and another scrap windows 2000 machine also with a broken hinge and a newish one that had a cracked screen. I can't but wonder if it was cracked before shipping. Is it working?
    I will find out when I get a universal power adapter. I guess this is what happens when you gamble. LOL

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    Missed much

    Posted by Blake on Jul 08, 2019

    I bought 4, all of them were 11inch:
    [1 Acer Chrome CB3-111],
    [1 HP Stream 11-d001dx],
    [2 Lenovo ThinkPad X140e both had no keyboards, one without battery].
    I think it's not coincidental that they don't have two keyboards. Not yet tested. The fisrt, I have to spend $30 for 2 ac adapters bought from Amazon hoping they will work well after that. If not OK, the second I spend more money for keyboards. Good luck!

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    some working laptops

    Posted by WILLIAM c PHILLIPS on Jun 27, 2019

    i got 4 scrap tops a macbook A1181 I had other macbooks i recently refurbished put their powered adpater on it and it powered up got a old dell need a universal power adapter to test it will need more ram by todays standards. did get a busted dell i5 laptop ram and processor will sell hardware was more than worth it shipping plus 17.50 23.50 each worth it. I got final one dell xps xp edition used my personal dell latitude adapter it powered up but video seems to be a issue so new mother board should fix that. Over all worth it.