Apple ScrapBook Scrap Laptop for $50



Everyday our Pawn Shop buys great Laptops and Desktops of all kinds. Most turn out to be great product that we offer to you, our customer. As we prep these computers some end up having problems. We gave our Techs and Make Ready Team a try at them and weren't successful. Now it's your turn to try getting these "Scratch and Dent" Apple Laptops going again or simply use the existing parts.

Many have good screens, motherboards, touch pads and other various parts. These do not come with Hard Drives, RAM or adapters and some don't have batteries either. We will include the hard drive caddy/bracket if at all possible. These are only available online, all sold as is - no return/exchange. They are various aluminum or white MacBook Pros and MacBook Airs in 13" and 15". The shippers will pick them off the pallets in the order sold. Please don't make any special requests. You cannot come to the warehouse and pick through them. That would not be fair to everyone else.

Good luck and have fun!


These laptops are sold as is, no warranty.